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 Admin Hunt

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PostSubject: Admin Hunt   Wed Jan 22, 2014 3:28 pm

Admin Hunt

Admin hunt details:
All admins including the admin team will either split up or stay in groups and run/hide around the map.
Each admin will be kitted out with a basic weapon/secondary weapon, 1 grenade, 2 smokes, NVG's, medic supplies and food/drink supplies.

All players have to find all admins to win, admin has to be either captured or killed, players are allowed in any vehicle they have, carry any weapon they have and use any kind of force towards the admins. Each player will receive a case of gold and if they have captured or killed an admin, extra bonuses will be added.

P.S Admins cannot use the admin map and players cannot cheat in any way.
An announcment will be made ingame when event will happen.
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Admin Hunt

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